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Grow Your Social Media

Who are we?

Alpha Agency is a hyper growth marketing agency that will help convert your individual identity into an exponentially growing personal brand ORGANICALLY. We understand the significance of increasing one’s credibility to have a wider impact on the audience. We help you build a circle of influence through a growing fanbase on all music streaming and social media platforms. We have an array of integrated services handled by a team of competent and qualified professionals who will multiply your scope of work within no time! Ready to give your chartbuster music the recognition it deserves?

How we help you grow?

In a world of cluttered and saturated blend of artists, it becomes almost impossible for an emerging artist to get their music to the right audience. We are a group of individuals who give you a well-defined goal to work towards. Alpha Agency is a 360-degree solution to all your marketing requirement, we bring in organic listeners from all across the globe with a tendency to follow up on statistical data that helps you keep track of your growth. We do everything keeping in mind the prevailing industry and market trends keeping you as contemporary as possible. You would now just need to hit the studio hard, and leave the rest to US!

Our Priority

We aggressively run various campaigns on platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube that help bring a powerful and constant fanbase that will convert on social media platforms. All you need to do is give us a target number and we will strategically help you to achieve your goals. 

We individualize your goals, continually thinking out-of-the-box ideas to push your boundaries and executing the ideas into well-established plans for growth. Alpha Agency has custom solutions to build on your uniqueness and get you known for these particular attributes.

Our Services

Brand Growth-01.png
Brand Growth
Music Growth-01.png
Music Growth
Spotify Growth +-01.png
Spotify Growth +
SoundCloud Growth + Marketing-01.png
SoundCloud Growth + Marketing
YouTube Targeting-01.png
YouTube Targeting
+ Growth
Spotify Playlist-01.png
Spotify Playlist
TikTok Growth
TikTok Growth-01.png
Viral Content


We are a social media agency that caters to rappers and influencers that want to take their career to the next level.

It should be very clear to you that the number of rappers and artists are growing exponentially, this makes it very hard to grab the average fans attention. That is where we come in, we work with you and create a new brand and boost your instagram through our marketing campaigns. We are ALPHA. We are the Crypto of Music.


Our Results

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Our Clients


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